Let’s Tell Everyone

If the ideas presented by Back to Basics Judaism please you or if you find them merely thought-provoking, please recommend the website.

One way you can do this is by clicking on the “Tell a Friend about Back to Basics Judaism” link below. Simply fill in the email form with your name and address and your friend’s. A short message can also be added.

Send Back to Basics Judaism link to a friend.

A second thing you can do is to send specific articles from this site. At the bottom of each article there is an email form you can fill out. This will give your friend a link for accessing the item you wish to share. A short message can be added here also.

Of course I hope you will recommend the site orally but it may be helpful to have a “business” card, with the site’s address, that you can hand out to people. If you would like to do this, let the link below take you to a page of cards. Just print that page (ideally on heavier stock paper), cut the page into cards, carry a few, and hand them out when the situation is appropriate.

Download Back to Basics Judaism Business Card: (.pdf or .doc )

At first with letters and perhaps later with discussion groups, the site can become a constructive exchange for those concerned with Judaism, ethics, and rational behavior.

I would also be happy to address a gathering or to participate in a discussion, by phone or in person. Please see the CONTACT ME page.