Paraphrasing a conversation…….

Tzippy (an orthodox lady): Moshe, what kinds of things would you like to do during the Shabbat that you think orthodoxy would not allow?

Moshe: Here are a few examples, Tzippy: I might like to go for a ride in the country, play a round of golf, attend a theatrical performance, do some art work.

Tzippy: You should do them on Sunday.

Moshe: What if I can’t do them on Sunday? What if I work six days a week like people have done through most of history? What if my choices are not available on Sunday? Then must I forego my preferred ways of resting from work?

In any case, what’s wrong with doing these things on Shabbat? I don’t believe the bible asks me to give up my favorite types of recreation. I don’t believe that my Shabbat activities need to be selected from a very short list. I do believe that we are required to rest from our work of the week and to desist from mundane, tedious, and unpleasant things in general.



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