Moshe, often it seems that the Jews are their own worst enemy.  What’s with that?

My answer:

I'm plenty bothered by the suicidal tendencies of American and, to a growing extent, of Israeli Jews. No doubt we have millions of cases, at various stages of severity.

At the extreme might be the loonies who participated recently in Iran's Holocaust-denial pageant or another one who decided to write a book about the blood-libel, giving credence to torture-motivated Middle Ages testimony. These personalities are seriously deranged but not the most damaging.

Milder but far more numerous cases are the liberal American and Israeli Jews (including the Israeli Supreme Court) who go out of their way to criticize and defame us or to even put us in physical danger, by, for example, protecting the rights of the Israeli Arab and other Palestinians to stab us in the back.

I don't know what to do or say anymore about this widespread masochism and death-wish on the part of Jews. What else can I call it?

My only theory is that we have picked up the western syndrome that urges success to make way for guilt and then self-destruction.


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