Pots and Pans

My friend Judy was telling me last night her Thanksgiving dinner plans.
She and her parents both plan to eat kosher turkey but the latterís pots and pans arenít kosher enough for Judy. I assume my friend is worried that despite her parentsí thorough cleaning, some molecules of non-kosher food might still be attached to these items. Therefore she will make a separate turkey, at her house, for herself and relatives of her persuasion, and take this to her parentsí house where there will be a second kosher turkey baked by her mother.

Is this not sad? Families and friends canít eat together or they need to go through hassle, insult, embarrassment, or other grief. Itís another example of a good idea thatís been misinterpreted. Instead of uplifting Jews, itís providing separation and hurt.


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