When introducing myself to a certain lady at a Jewish singles website, I mentioned my writing about Judaism. She responded with the following:

My Judaism consists of opening a box of matzoh at Passover, making potato pancakes for Hanukkah and a brisket for Rosh Hashana. I am not interested in being any more Jewish than that. Sorry.

This describes pretty well the sad state of Judaism in the United States and worldwide. Her attitude is shared by millions. What do they think being “more Jewish” would mean? Unreasonable expectations? Outdated concepts? A lot of ritual? Will all of these people be staying Jewish only in the most superficial ways? Will they and their children be lost to us completely?

I hope they will consider my approach. Maybe they could again become interested in, and even proud of, the Judaism I will gradually describe. I hope all Jews will find Back-to-Basics satisfying as an ethically oriented, intellectually stimulating, and ritually simplified life.



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