Dear Bernice,

You want to petition the International Court of Justice? Is that the “community” made up of the European anti-Semites, Muslim or otherwise, made up of the rabid Muslim countries that are a significant fraction of the UN, made up of the business minded Russians and Chinese, made up of the socialists like Cuba and Venezuela? These are the countries that will save us from genocide? I am afraid that while your goals are worthwhile, this action you are contemplating is quite lame.

Let's not delude ourselves. That really is dangerous to Jewish survival. I think you should recommend to every Jew worldwide that he or she buy a gun and learn how to use it. We keep saying "Never Again!" but are once again relying on the goodwill of the "international community". Are they going to stand between you and the man that will knock on your door as he comes to collect you? We are running around like sheep and even Israel isn't showing a strong desire to be master of its own future. Let's stop putting our faith in pretty gestures and politically correct sensitivity. Have you noticed how fast anti-Semitic writings and violence are increasing around the world? We are approaching a time when we will have to fight for our lives. Are you prepared for that?

You think the "international community" will prevent another holocaust? Keep dreaming. Read some history of the years before and during World War 2. Also look at how anxious is this collection of dictators and elected sellouts artists to stop Iran from acquiring the weapons of mass Jewish destruction. Haven’t you seen them hobnob with today’s Hitler-want-to-be at their UN headquarters and even give him a stage?

Again, it is very dangerous to fool ourselves, to lull ourselves with meaningless busy-ness. I am sorry to be so harsh, but the clouds are gathering again and Jews, for the most part, are still partying.

Moshe Betzalel


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