Will Jews Have to defend themselves?


My answer:

The Jews in threatened communities and Israel should try every measure before resorting to guns, but the sooner it's realized that we can only count on ourselves, the better.

Maybe you don't advocate Jews arming themselves. Would you advise their taking a ship and finding a country to let them in? Would you recommend their getting confined to a ghetto and then starting an uprising. So what strategies are left to those who face daily the real possibility of physical harm...wringing our hands while hoping and praying for secular or divine help?

If the time comes and you can't offer resistance, so be it. If you never thought about fighting, then you will definitely not be ready. If you can't imagine and prepare yourself for struggle, you won't have any options at all. Many people have found courage when the going got real tough and their families were in danger.

Of course, we could get or stay on board the politically correct pacifist train and find to our surprise that it's taking us on a detour to oblivion. While riding, we could shout slogans like "Never Again" as we have for these last six decades. Iran and the Muslim world would definitely appreciate our calm inaction for a little while longer. They might even be so accomodating next time that we won't have to go to the poison gas; they'll bring it and the radiation to us in Israel.



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