What happens to bad people after they die?


My answer:

1.) WE DON'T KNOW! G-d didn't say anything about it in the Five Books of Moses when He told us so many other things.

2.) That means we're not supposed to dwell too much on your question or on after-death possibilities in general. Worrying or fantasizing about heaven, hell, reincarnation, or even more complicated scenarios are distractions from living your life.

3.) We're not supposed to use after-death possibilities as reasons to be good. G-d did say that being good, i.e. following the commandments, brings its rewards in this life. Similarly bad behavior by an individual or society will be punished with bad consequences in this life.

4.) Why bad people don't seem to be punished more severely than they appear to be is an unanswered question at this point. In other words, nobody can explain this apparent injustice from a religious point of view. There are things we just don't know and there is no point guessing about them. What happens to us after we die is one of these.



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